Owning Your Dream!

Fractional Ownership

As fractional vacation owner/shareholder,  where you are getting a number of week(s) on the property and dividends back as we rent the property where earnings will be annually distributed.  Making 5-20% return on your initial investment depending on rental occupancy and rates. You are recorded on the deed as a shareholder/owner of the property.  You can have one premium week (first 3 years) ‪1 December to 30 ‬April or 2 weeks during off season, additional weeks available at friends and family rates on open weeks (standard 40% off market rates for owners).  In your stay as a fractional owner you just pay only for utilities and cleaning fees.  For one week the 3 bedroom to be a fractional owner/shareholder it is an investment for the $35,000 (penthouse is $45,000) plus recording fess and for a month it is $99,000 USD (penthouse month investment is not available at this time and will be available after 50% of weeks/months are sold). Options for fractional investment to utilize queen studio ($19,000 one week, one month $47,000 or 2 bedrooms at $25,000 one week, 2 bedrooms at $70,000 for a month). Financing at 5O% down is available. Great opportunity to have an upscale 3 bedroom or just utilize 1 or 2 bedrooms and receive income on the other part not utilized in ROATAN, Honduras. Benefits are a week or two per year right in the middle of the West Bay End.  

First 5 fractional shareholders will get a 15% discount.

www.facebook.com/groups/VillasDeCisnes (If you can’t use your time you can sell 1 week to friends or others, Corporation will rent it for you or you can gift/trade to someone).  

Referring a buyer will pay a direct 5% commission.  Revenues range from $299-$399/night (3 bedroom) $199-$259/night (2 bedrooms and one bedrooms run $99-$160/night and during high season the rates run $399-$699/night for 3 bedrooms.

Financing Possibilities

Check on your ability for financing, for our offerings or others?

Funding or loans